Bryn thiessen

Bryn thiessen

&nbsp;Bryn Thiessen<br /> <br /> Passion as wide as Alberta sky<br /> by Cindy Stephen<br /> With his handlebar moustache and discus size belt buckle, Bryn Thiessen would fit right in as an extra in a John Wayne movie. But don&rsquo;t let the 40-gallon hat fool you &ndash; Thiessen is the real deal.<br /> Thiessen, father of three teenagers, raises commercial cattle and ranch horses at the 2,500 acre Helmer Creek Ranch south west of Sundre with his wife, who raises Border Collie dogs.<br /> His Mennonite parents live downstream at Gamble Flats. But Thiessen is more widely known as a cowboy poet, philosopher and pastor of the widely attended Cowboy Trail Church, in Cochrane just over an hour away from his home.<br /> He appears a bit eccentric with a slow, quiet manner and a wry sense of humor, but he&rsquo;s chock full of no-nonsense theology and exudes a passion for God as wide as the Alberta sky.<br />

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